Mno Mno2 Filtermedia

Manganese Di Oxide - Filtermedia.

In general, the most favoured method today for the removal of Iron and Manganese is catalytic oxidation. Currently two types of catalytic media are used; Manganese Greensand, a treated zeolite and natural Manganese Dioxide. There are considerable differences in the economics and methods of use between these two materials. The application of Manganese Greensand requires the replacement of the whole filter bed, regeneration with potassium permanganate along with its storage and dosing facilities, monitoring and manning. Manganese Dioxide requires only partial replacement of the filter media with no chemical dosing and regeneration apart from chlorination, and no monitoring to ensure efficient working.

Normally, between 10% to 20% of MnO 2 by volume of the filter sand is added to the filter. This is usually placed on top of the sand bed until thoroughly mixed, as it is important that the water passing through the filter comes into contact with as much MnO 2 as possible for as long a period as possible. Any precipitated iron or manganese adheres firmly to the catalytic grains without impairing their activity. The manganese Dioxide particles thus act as a filter of suspended solids as well as catalytically absorbing toxic metals.

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Chemical Propertiers

Iron and Manganese removal from potable waters by
catalytic oxidation.
Black, granular mineral  
Specific gravity
>3.5 < 4.1  
Bulk Density  
2.0 Tonnes/m 3
Natural manganese ores specially selected for their high catalytic activity, free from contamination and with no additives,
Manganese content 
75% to 80% as MnO 2
Moisture content
less than 1% by weight
5 to 6 Moh scale
16/30 B.S. mesh, 0.50 to 1.00 mm.
18/44 B.S. mesh, 0,355 0.850mm.
A maximum of 5% of the product is coarser and finer
Typical filtration rate
9 m3 /m2 /hr.
Typical backwash rates
15 to 25 m 3 /m 2 /hr.
A mixture of manganese Dioxide and sand in a filter bed will normally reduce the concentration of Manganese and Iron in water from 0.5 mg/l and 3 mg/l to 0.02 mg/l and 0.05 mg/l respectively (given the correct conditions of alkalinity and pH). 


Sr. No
25 Kg. in P.P. bags . 50 Bags on 1 Pallet. 20 Pallets in 1 FCL, 1000 Bags on 20 Pallets.
Jumbo bags on wooden pallets, 2 bags on one pallet. Total quantity 2.5 MT one pallet, 10 pallets per container.
Net quantity in container 25 MT.
Bag Markings as per requirements
Material Shrinkwrapped and fumigated as per IPCC Standards