“MALU PAPER MILLS LTD” - the group’s first venture in a Heavy Industry, involved in the manufacture of Kraft Paper and Newsprint. The first paper machine of the company has commenced production in the year 1996 with a capacity to produce 5400 TPA of Kraft papers, which later on with gradual up gradation and modification has been increased to 8250 TPA.

Considering the vast potential, MPML has also set up one more unit at the same location to produce 19800 TPA of Newsprint in 2001. The plants are running successfully and generating cash profits since its inception, with Newsprint Plant commending a 3.33 % Marketshare of the total Domestic Newsprint Market in India.

As the process of Organic Growth, the company has set up another Premium Quality Newsprint Manufacturing facility in Saoner, Nagpur of 150 TPD. The Project is part has state-of-the art technology and the New machineries are the New Generation equipments from Finland, France and China.

With the commencement of the New Project, the Company’s capacity has increase d upto 70,000 MT/annum and a marketshare of 10.3% of Total Domestic Newsprint Market.