Malu Global

‘At Chymey, every blend has a story to tell. A reason for being. Some have zing. Others, oomph. One is a lullaby. Another pack a punch. At Chymey, we believe in the magic of tea. In the comfort it gives to a weary soul, the joy it bestows on a lonely one. We believe in the special bond, the lasting moment, you share with your tea. That’s why creating that perfect blend for you means the world to us. Crafted from the finest handpicked teas and the most heavenly infusions, the Chymey ensemble is a labor of love. Here’s to happy hours in every sip.’ So Relish this beverage away and love your teas!!

retail reach

Walmart, Reliance, Nature's Basket, Spencer and others

private labeling

Nature's Basket Healthy Alternatives

real ingredients

No added artificial flavors or colours

blends to savor

Over 40 different blends to chose from

Modern Trade

Starting with Walmart India as one of our first client in the space, we have managed to grow our presence to the following Modern retail chains with their PAN India tie-ups.

Walmart | Nature’s Basket | Spencer’s | Modern Bazaar | Reliance Cash and Carry | Heritage Fresh | 24×7 | Dmart | Needs

Many more in pipeline.